The fencing guild

Reviving the culture of fencing

A guild that ranks fencers

The Fencing Guild is an organisation for ranking Historical European Martial Artists. It is based on historical guild structures, but adapted to the modern practise of HEMA, since modern HEMA encompasses more than a singular system. The Guild is built on the idea of how a ranking system and guild structure would look if it was part of a living lineage, where newer systems had been incorporated over time. We also take into account requirements directly connected with the modern reconstruction of these arts, such as scholarly work and the need for testing techniques in a competitive environment. The founder of the guild is Anders Linnard.

The officials

The Fencing Guild is run by the Magistrate, but also invites people to help in ranking fencers and HEMAists. 

The Magistrate

The Magistrate runs the Guild.

The sworn

The Sworn are individuals with the right to rank.

The tithings

The Tithings help out during rankings and ceremonies.