Our values

Promoting excellence and personal development

Cardinal virtues

The Fencing guild promotes values that have endured the test of time. We see them as fundamental for personal development and building character. Interviews about values and character are part of the testing process.


–Prudence & wisdom

We embrace personal judgement and wisdom. This is the foundation that guides us in all pursuit of all other values. Included in this concept are also intelligence and knowledge.


–Justice & honesty

Being honest, righteous and honourable are foundational for proper behaviour in play, competition and life in general.


–Strength, courage & discipline

Strength relates to the old adage of a sound mind in a sound body. This is naturally important for fencers and within this concept, we include physical strength, good health, competence, discipline, courage, valour and stamina.


–Moderation & balance

We strive to achieve balance and moderation in life and training. This includes self-control and temperance in all aspects of our persons.